Creating Your Account/Adding US Plant Breeding Program Information

Creating Your Account


To complete the PBCC Plant Breeding Capacity information to create your account, please follow these steps.  Enter the information requested below.




Next, you will see a window to your right to edit, add, view and search for your information. If you need any support please contact with your full name and your account name to enable us quickly process your inquiry.


Edit User




Adding US Plant Breeding Program Information


Make sure to add your First Name, Last Name and Full Name, Organization, State, and Crop that will appear on the map.





Select a Crop Breeding Program. After you select one option, a second pulldown will appear to select the sub category. For instance, here Rootstock was selected.




The second pulldown shows Rootstocks: Apple Rootstock, Cherry Rootstock etc.



Finally, please add your longitude and latitude coordinates by typing your address into the “Enter an address to be localized” field and clicking “Enter” on your keyboard. If you are having any difficulty doing that, you can run a google search online for the latitude and longitude of your location.  Add the coordinates into the boxes below and click “Save”.  Then you will see your location on the map.