GenSAS v6.0 Available

Gensas Version 6.0 Now Available. new features include: 


  • Addition of BUSCO, HISAT2, DIAMOND, pBLAT (version of BLAT that runs multi-threaded), BRAKER2
  • Option to use soft-masked sequence with some gene prediction tools added
  • Summary report of tools and setting used to generate OGS produced at Publish step
  • BLAT, BLAST+, InterPRoScan, HISAT2, DIAMOND, BRAKER2, GeneMark-ES, TopHat2, PASA now all run multi-threaded on the cluster
  • Assembly sequence names processed to remove special characters and for length
  • Option to make combined GFF3 file with OGS, repeats, rRNA, tRNA data and functional annotation info in column 9 added to Publish step