BIMS Training at 2019 Cotton Beltwide Conference

Title:  CottonGen BIMS Training Workshop at Cotton Beltwide Conference, New Orleans, January 8-10, 2019 

When: Tuesday, January 8, 9-11 AM
Where: Balcony I

Who: Cotton Breeders and support staff/students
Required: Bring a laptop
Sign up: by adding your information at



This workshop will provide breeders (and program personnel) with practical training on how to use BIMS to manage their breeding program data using sample data. Participants will learn how to create a private breeding program within BIMS, control access levels to their program people, load data in templates and/or Field Book App output, view/search/download data, perform various searches, and create input files for the Field Book App. There will be time at the end to discuss functionality needs for BIMS. Participants will need to bring a laptop.


BIMS Trainers: Taein Lee, Sook Jung, Jing Yu, Dorrie Main



  • Introduction to BIMS (Dorrie) (10 min)
  • Hands on training using sample data (Taein) (40 min)
    • Browsing trait/cross/trial data with statistical values
    • Search/Download/Comparison/Archive
  • Demo on how to create a private program and how to load sample data (Taein): (40 min)
    • Create a program and add members
    • Load data in template
    • Load data in FieldBook output
    • Create an input file for FieldBook App
    • Overview of Templates (Sook) (10 min)
  • Open discussion on BIMS (15 min)